State Library Commission 2014-2015


Ms. Harriet Smith (2013-2017/Gubernatorial Appointee)


Dr. Daniel Barron (2013-2017/NC Public Library Directors Association)

Ms. Joyce Beatty (2012-2016/Speaker of the House Appointee)

Mr. Ryan Boyce (2014-2018/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. G. Dale Cousins (2011-2015 NC Library Association President)

Ms. Lisa Duncan (2013-2016/President Pro Tempore of the Senate Appointee)

Ms. Carolyn Gatling (2014-2018/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Mr. Rodney Lippard (2013-2017/NC Library Association Vice-President/President-Elect)

Mr. Raven B. McKenzie-Wilson (2011-2015/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Evelyn Poole-Kober (2014-2018/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Penny Sermons (2013-2017/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Mary Sizemore (2011-2015/NC Public Library Directors Association Representative)

Mr. Harry Tuchmayer (2014-2017)/NC Public Library Directors Association Representative)

Ms. Sarah J. Warden (2010-2015/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Mr. George Wood (2013-2017/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ex Officio Member

Ms. Cal Shepard, State Librarian, State Library of North Carolina