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  • Data Masher. The Federal Government produces an immeasurable amount of data each day. DataMasher helps citizens create "mashups" to visualize them in different ways and see how states compare on important issues. Users can combine different data sets in interesting ways and create their own custom rankings of the states.

  • GovPulse. The Federal Register is the official journal of the federal government of the United States. In it, you'll find any kind of proposal, notification, or solicitation for data that a federal agency puts out. It's the pulse of your government. For much of its existence the Federal Register has had no easily accessible form. govpulse seeks to change this and enable you to respond to your government. We give you a way to browse the Register (from 1994 on) and use filters to decide what is important to you.

  • This We Know. Presents the information the U.S. government collects about every community. By publishing this data in an easy to understand and consistent manner, they seek to empower citizens to act on what's known.