Genealogy Vertical File Transcription Project


We're currently digitizing our genealogy vertical files to make them more accessible to researchers. A lot of the information is handwritten or hard to read, so we're asking volunteers to help us and their fellow researchers by transcribing the images.

How to help

  1. Head over to Flickr (a photo-sharing site),
  2. find an image that needs transcribing,
  3. set up an account (if you don't already have one),
  4. and type what you see in the image's comment box.

What is a vertical file?

Over the years researchers of all ages and all skill levels have contributed their genealogy information to our collection. Printed copies are kept in filing cabinets in the Government & Heritage Library's genealogy research room. They're filed alphabetically by the most predominant last name.

Where can I view the vertical files that have been digitized?

Images that we believe are out of copyright are available online from any location. Copyrighted documents are only available for full-text search and review at the Government & Heritage Library at the State Library of North Carolina.

Hey, that's my document!

If you believe you are the copyright holder of any of the items you see in our collection and have questions, let us know.

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