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Mailing Address

Reagan, Jan

Phone: 919-807-7443; Email:

Nunery, Kathryn

Administrative Secretary
Phone: 919-807-7433; Email:

Acquisitions and Subscription Management

Mailing Address

Hearne, Wanda

Acquisitions Library Technical Assistant

Phone: 919-807-7440; Email:

Collections Management

Mailing Address

Throckmorton, Joyce

Branch Head
Phone: 919-807-7457; Email:

McMillan, Geraldine

Collections Clerk
Phone: 919-807-7411; Email:

Townes, Mitzi

Collections Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7469; Email:

Digital Information Management

Mailing Address


Underhill, Michelle Czaikowski

Phone: 919-807-7459; Email:

Agan, Kelly

Digital Media Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7438; Email:

Kenney, Kathleen

Digital Projects Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7468; Email:

Reeves, Laurie J.

Systems Support Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7446; Email:

Trent, Rachel

Digital Collections Manager
Phone: 919-807-7468; Email:

Wilson, Josh

Systems Integration Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7455; Email:

Information Services

Mailing Address


McLean, Cheryl

Branch Head, Information Services Branch
Phone: 919-807-7458; Email:

Bradford, Erin

Genealogy Reference Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7461; Email:

Case, Steve

Access Services Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7466; Email:

Etheridge, Cynthia

Access Services Library Technical Assistant
Phone: 919-807-7437; Email:

Hayden, Beth

Demographics and Reference Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7467; Email:

Hyman, Rebecca

Reference and Outreach Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7454; Email:

Jones, Marie

Genealogy Library Assistant
Phone: 919-807-7439; E-mail:

Morris, Carla

Circulation/Reference Assistant
Phone: 919-807-7432; Email:

Tillotson, Kay

Genealogical Research Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7464; Email:

Resource Management Services

Mailing Address

Davison, Jennifer

Branch Head,
Phone: 919-807-7442; Email:

Brueck, Vicki

Senior Cataloger
Phone: 919-807-7451; Email:

Clark, Kristin

Documents Library Assistant
Phone: 919-807-7435; Email:

Covington, Roseanna

Cataloging Library Technical Assistant
Phone: 919-807-7434; Email:

Forbes, Rebecca

Library Technician
Phone: 919-807-7444; Email:

Grünberg, Eve

Documents Cataloger
Phone: 919-807-7465; Email:

Jones, Denise

State Publications Clearinghouse Liaison, Resource Management Services
Phone: 919-807-7445; Email:

McLean, Swayzine

State Documents Library Technical Assistant
Phone: 919-807-7436; Email:

Patrick, Irene

Library Systems Librarian
Phone: 919-807-7413; Email:

Young, Jim

Cataloging Library Clerk
Phone: 919-807-7453