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Genealogy Research

If you would like to request assistance from Genealogical Services of the North Carolina Government and Heritage Library, please fill out the form below. This form will help us in determining how best to help you. Please note that our library cannot do research for you. We will look in up to five indexed books per request. Microforms and unindexed books cannot be searched.


Contact Information (required):
If you are a North Carolina resident, please include the county in which you live.
State of residence: County of residence:

Ancestor Information (required):
Please note we can only look for one ancestor in one county during one specific time frame (see the FAQ page).
Name of Ancestor:
Time frame in County: -
Do you want a list of professional researchers who can further assist you? Yes No

Additional Information (optional):
Please use this text box to give additional information about what you are looking for.
  • You may mention spouse, siblings, parents, or children, but please be aware the only person we will look up is the specifically named ancestor above
  • migration information
  • specific books or record types you are looking for such as deeds, court records, wills, etc.