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Grigg Genealogical Classification Scheme State Codes

Alabama A3   Nebraska N2
Alaska A4   Nevada N3
Arizona A7   New Hampshire N4
Arkansas A8   New Jersey N5
California C1   New Mexico N6
Colorado C7   New York N7
Connecticut C8   North Carolina N8
Delaware D3   North Dakota N9
District of Columbia D6   Ohio O3
Florida F6   Oklahoma O4
Georgia G3   Oregon O6
Hawaii H3   Pennsylvania P4
Idaho I1   Rhode Island R4
Illinois I2   South Carolina S7
Indiana I3   South Dakota S8
Iowa I6   Tennessee T2
Kansas K1   Texas T3
Kentucky K3   Utah U8
Louisiana L8   Vermont V5
Maine M2   Virginia V8
Maryland M3   Washington W3
Massachusetts M4   West Virginia W5
Michigan M5   Wisconsin W8
Minnesota M6   Wyoming W9
Mississippi M7      
Missouri M8      
Montana M9