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Final Report Information


This webinar provides a walk-through of the 2015-2016 Final Report, including some new requirements from IMLS. Once the webinar starts:

  • To see the list of topics, click on the triangle to the left of the word Sharing near the top left side of the screen.
  • To go directly to a specific section, click on the topic.

Expenditure Spreadsheet

At the end of the project, when the Final Reimbursement Request has been submitted, State Library staff will send an email message to the Project Manager with a link to the Final Report Form and an Expenditure Spreadsheet as an attachment. The Expenditure Spreadsheet is something we create (based on what the library has submitted) that reflects the expenditures for the entire project in the specific budget categories required by IMLS. It is to be used to describe HOW the funds were used but no dollar amounts are to be entered in the report.

Printable Form

A Printer Friendly Version of the online LSTA Final Report is available for review.

Project Activities and Required Surveys

Every project will have federally funded activities: Instruction, Planning, or Content.

Each activity type, requires selection of a mode (the way it was delivered), a description of 90-160 words, and specified outputs. Use the Activity Worksheet to see all the choices and gather all the needed information before beginning the report.

The following activity/mode combinations require a survey. Each survey is unique to the type of activity/mode. Most surveys are for use with library staff; there is only one survey to be used with the general public. The survey results must be tallied and captured on the corresponding document; the tallied Survey Results are to be uploaded at the end of the Final Report in the Additional Documentation section.

Instruction/Program, General Public Survey Survey Results
Instruction/Program, Library Staff Survey Survey Results
Content/Acquisition, Library Staff Survey Survey Results
Content/Creation, Library Staff Survey Survey Results
Planning, Library Staff Survey Survey Results

The surveys are in alignment with PLA’s Project Outcome and are a new requirement by IMLS. More questions may be added by the local library for their own purposes/information, but all the provided questions are required.