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Reimbursement, Budget Revision Information

Grant Reimbursement Form

Grant payments are made on a reimbursement basis. Itemized invoices must be submitted with the required Reimbursement Request Form to document all grant and matching expenditures.

Shipping/handling charges are eligible for reimbursement; taxes are only eligible if your institution is NOT tax exempt.

Reimbursement Request Forms are expected quarterly or more frequently if there are significant expenditures (over 10% of the award amount). Submit requests on or before:
October 15
January 15
April 15 (a minimum of 75% of grant funds should be expended by this date)
July 15 is the final deadline to submit reimbursement requests; all grant and matching expenditures must be completed and invoiced by June 30.

Reimbursement Request & Matching Report Form (xlsx)

Budget Revision

Grant awards are based on the information provided in the grant application; changes in the use of project funds require prior approval from the State Library. Budget Revision Requests must include proposed expenditure changes and a justification for the requested change(s).  Approved requests will be saved in the project folder as supporting documentation for when the applicable reimbursement request is received.

How to Prepare a Budget Revision Request

1. Create a Word document with the following information at the top of the page.
    Library Name:
    Grant Category:
    State Project Code:
    Name of Person Submitting:
    Grant Award Amount:
    Original Match Amount:

2. Insert the Budget Table of the submitted and approved grant application.  Add a column to the table labeled “Changes” and make additions or subtractions, as needed, only in this column so it is clear which items are different.
    a. If the revised budget totals less than the original award, the match amount may be revised accordingly.
    b. If the revised budget exceeds the original award, any additional costs are the responsibility of the library and the match amount may be revised accordingly.

3. Write a narrative description that corresponds to each change to the Budget Table which explains the reason for the change.

4. Submit the Budget Revision Request (revised Budget Table and Budget Narrative) as one attachment via email to