Library-Related Job Listing FAQ

What kind of positions are listed?

The State Library posts North Carolina library-related positions only! The categories are:

  • Professional: positions where an MLS or equivalent is required
  • Paraprofessional: positions that do not require an MLS or equivalent
  • State Library: professional and paraprofessional positions available at the State Library of North Carolina

How long are positions listed?

Until we are notified that the position has been filled or the position has been posted for at least six months.

How do you receive position announcements?

Usually the announcement comes directly from the hiring institution via email or regular mail to State Library Occasionally a posted position comes from a listserv or other source.

What information is included in an announcement?

We prefer the following information:

DATE LISTED: The date the announcement is put on the listing
TITLE: Position title
LIBRARY: Library name
CITY: Town in North Carolina
NOTE: Any additional information
SALARY: Any salary related information, including benefits.
QUALIFICATIONS: Education and experience
DUTIES: A brief description of the job responsibilities.
AVAILABLE: When position is available
APPLY BY: Application deadline.
TO APPLY: How to apply
FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: How to get additional information about the position.


What is the charge to advertise a position?

No charge!

Where can I get a State of North Carolina Application for Employment?

Applying for a North Carolina state government position must be done online. See the Office of State Human Resources website for more information.

What is meant by: "North Carolina Public Librarian Certification"?

Read about certification here.

Where can I find the job listings posted by the State Library?

Listings are found on the State Library's web site.

How long do you keep copies of the listings you are sent?

We don't keep copies.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

State Library