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The Pardon

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

By James Grippando

Talking Book Number: DB 41625

Large Print (Hardback) Book Number: LT 18975

A father running for reelection as Florida’s Governor. A son whose pro-bono legal work threatens to upend both of their lives.  A justice system in question for allowing innocent people to be put to death, and that same justice system in question for allowing the guilty to walk free. A psychopath on the loose, intent on bringing his own brand of justice to bear.  An innocent woman whose life hangs in the balance.  Another woman whose self-destructive behavior lands her in the position of star witness in a murder case trial.  Find out how the lives of these people intersect in this tantalizing legal thriller by ordering this title online through the book link at the top, by calling NCLBPH and requesting a copy or by downloading the title from BARD. If you’re not a patron of our library and are not eligible for our services, please contact your local public library to obtain a copy of this title.