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In The Darkroom

Friday, June 30, 2017

By Susan Faludi

Talking Book Number: DB 87216

In this gripping memoir about her father’s remarkable life, Susan Faludi brings into sharp focus the person that he is, both the good and the bad.  Stephen Faludi was born a Hungarian Jew during the late 1920’s to parents who treated him as if he didn’t exist.  When World War II breaks out and Hungary becomes Nazi occupied territory, he is forced to pretend to be a member of a Nazi-allied party to save not only himself and but his less-than perfect parents as well.  Susan’s father eventually emigrates to the United States by way of Brazil and lives the American dream, and yet something just isn’t quite right.  Something is very wrong with him.  His wife, Susan’s mother, eventually kicks him out of the house when Susan is a teenager due to his increasingly violent and abusive nature.  From that point on, Susan only sees her father very sporadically, until many years later when he suddenly announces at the age of 76 via a written note and photo that he’s changing his name from Stephen to Stephanie, and oh by the way, he has completely transitioned into being a woman. Learn more about Stephanie’s new life, Stephen’s old life, and Susan’s mad race to untangle all of the twists in her father’s past by ordering this title online through the book link at the top, by calling NCLBPH and requesting a copy or by downloading the title from BARD (soon to be available). If you’re not a patron of our library and are not eligible for our services, please contact your local public library to obtain a copy of this title.