Preservation Week (April 21-April 27)

Monday, April 22, 2019

Pass it on...Preservation Week, April 21 - 27, 2019

Pass it on...Preservation Week

April brings beautiful spring weather but can also bring the potential for storms with torrential rainfall and high winds, which can harm a library’s collections. What better way to celebrate spring than by participating in ALA’s Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Preservation Week, April 21-April 27. This week is about preserving your collection, whether it is a small family collection or a larger library collection.

Where to Begin

Awareness and preparation are keys to saving your collections if or when a disaster occurs. First, ask yourself questions: What items are irreplaceable? What would happen to my family photos if my house floods? What would happen to grandma’s quilts? This will help you assess items’ preservation needs. Libraries begin by asking these questions: Is there a Preservation Plan for the collections that is easily accessible to everyone? Is there a Disaster Preparedness Plan in place for steps on what to do after a disaster?

What to Do

ALCTS’s website has many resources and ideas for libraries and cultural institutions on hosting public events such as how to store family photos or scrapbooks properly to help preserve these items, or in case of disaster, how to save the family quilts after the storm. One event that includes the younger age group is “Host a story hour or family workshop” in the library.  Other ideas include providing handouts with preservation tips to the public. There are many other suggestions on ways to encourage the public and staff on preserving various collections on the Preservation Week website. Check it out online, or at your local library!

Other Resources

Helpful information from the Society of American Archivists is available here:

Becky Forbes, Cataloging Librarian