Support the Government & Heritage Library

Monday, May 20, 2019

image of two hands clasped in a heart shape with support our collection text underneathThe Government and Heritage Library (GHL) seeks to preserve, maintain, and enhance a wide ranging and scholarly collection. This allows users to obtain a complete picture of North Carolina. 

To further this mission, we accept donations of books and other materials to help grow the collection.  We are excited to announce a new “Support Our Collection” page on our site that describes the different ways the public can add to our collection. 

How to Donate

The page details our collection management policy and provides guidelines on the types of accepted books and materials. It also lists items that are not accepted.  The GHL asks that all prospective donors complete a donation request form and attach a complete list of materials they wish to donate. A staff member will review the list and get back with you to determine if the items can be accepted. 

Once items are accepted, the donor is asked to complete a donor release form stating they understand the terms of the donation. Then the donor can either bring accepted donations to the GHL during regular business hours or mail them to the library.

Request a purchase and other options

If you know of a resource you believe the GHL should have in its collection, you may also use a purchase request form to suggest the GHL purchase the item. Once the form is submitted, a GHL staff member will contact you and keep you informed of the status request. 

If you would like to make other donations or contributions to our collections to support the library, please contact our Collection Unit Manager, Jennifer Blomberg, directly at 919-814-6821.

Thank You For Your Support!

We appreciate all the support we receive. We look forward to receiving donations and purchase suggestions, so we can grow our collection about North Carolina - its people, history, and growth; its relationship to the region and the country as a whole; its government and institutions; and its arts and culture. 

To see the full details of how to support the library, visit: 

Erin Holmes, Systems Integration Librarian