Online Research Guides for #everythingNC and More!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Have you ever wished you could have a librarian with you while conducting research, suggesting sources to check out along the way?  How about wishing you had your own personal librarian at home, to guide you on starting research and finding those go-to resources on a topic?  You’re in luck! The Government & Heritage Library has a number of research guides designed to get you started and help you through the research process.Screenshot of the “Video & Research Guides” web portal.

From Agriculture to #everythingNC

Our online research guides ( are available on a range of topics from agriculture to colonial tax records and from NC data and statistics to NC military history.  Often they help researchers in multiple ways: by defining key terms, explaining important concepts and notable people, or by offering links to essential print and online resources related to a topic. We have research guides that can help you understand how your state government functions, including guides about NC legislative history, NC state budget resources, and NC court reports.  In addition, we have guides that celebrate the contributions made by North Carolina’s diverse populations: State Publications about African Americans, North Carolina’s Hispanic Heritage, and Women in North Carolina. We even have a research guide about #everythingNC! And for the teachers and students reading, we have a special guide just for you: Getting to Primary Sources, which includes tools and strategies for finding, evaluating,  and using primary sources in the classroom.

More Than Just a Guide

Embedded in all of our research guides you’ll also find more personalized help in the form of a “Chat with a Librarian” window. If you have questions while you’re using our research guides—or questions about the  research guides—you can ask us directly, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. Our “Chat with a Librarian” service is a portal to instant contact with a GHL Librarian, where you can get a personal response and  customized help, all from the comfort of your computer or device! Library staff are able to answer common questions, assist with basic online research needs, and send links to helpful resources—but complex questions  and in-depth research needs are still best answered by phone or email. So, remember: next time you need North Carolina research help, Chat with a Librarian!

Research Guide Topic Suggestions Welcome 

We’re always looking for ways to better serve GHL patrons, and hearing about the North Carolina-related topics you’re researching and need help with is a great place to start.  If we don’t have a guide available on the topic you’re researching, please let us know! 


Jen Hanft, Education and Instruction Librarian