Government and Heritage Library awarded Preservation Grant

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Government and Heritage Library (GHL) is excited to announce its selection as a participant in the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts’ (CCAHA) Preservation Needs Assessment and Preservation Planning Program, partially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. This two-year program will result in a preservation needs assessment and the creation of a strategic preservation plan for the Government and Heritage Library’s print collections. Image of the GHL collections and stacks

CCAHA’s Preservation Needs Assessment and Preservation Planning Program

This program is open to institutions with humanities collections available to the public on a regular basis and located in the United States. In the first year, GHL will be assigned a CCAHA Preservation Specialist who will work with us over the course of the two-year program. The Preservation Specialist will review our collection policies, procedures, and plans. Also, during the first year, the Preservation Specialist will visit GHL to conduct a preservation needs assessment and evaluation on-site. In the second year, the Preservation Specialist will then work with GHL to develop a three to five-year preservation plan for our print collections.

What is a Preservation Needs Assessment?

The preservation needs assessment process encompasses a general evaluation of the preservation needs for our collections. This will include an evaluation of our environment (temperature, relative humidity, pollution, and light); housekeeping; pest control; fire protection, security, and disaster preparedness; collection storage, handling, exhibition, and treatment; and preservation planning. 

What is a Preservation Plan? 

A preservation plan is a holistic set of guidelines catered to an institution's collections. GHL’s preservation plan will be a big picture plan for the long-term care of our print collection. It will provide us with a strategic multi-year framework with preservation goals, so we can advance our preservation and collections care initiatives. 

The preservation plan will address GHL’s policies and procedures; collection development policies and priorities; emergency preparedness and response; environmental conditions and monitoring (temperature, relative humidity, light, pests, and mold); storage furniture and materials; security; housekeeping; staffing; financial resources; repair and conservation treatment needs; reformatting options (microfilming, photo-duplication, photocopying, and digital imaging); and exhibition needs. The plan will also include timetables with benchmarks and assign responsibilities.

Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts

The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) is a nonprofit, full-service conservation center in Philadelphia, PA. CCAHA has been providing conservation and preservation services since 1977, with a mission to provide expertise and leadership in the preservation of cultural heritage. CCAHA has experts in a range of disciplines including conservators that repair and stabilize books, photographs, and documents and preservation staff members work in the field, helping institutions plan for the future of their collections. 

For more information about CCAHA, visit

If you have any questions on the Preservation Needs Assessment and Preservation Planning Program or the preservation initiatives at the Government and Heritage Library, please feel free to contact our Collections Manager, Jennifer Blomberg




Jennifer Blomberg, Collections Manager