Exploring Our Collections with #ArchivesHashtagParty

Monday, October 7, 2019

Did you party with us on Friday during the #ArchivesAncestors #ArchivesHashtagParty?

Albright family tree featured in #ArchivesAncestors

What is an #ArchivesHashtagParty?

Started by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the #ArchivesHashtagParty “is a way for all types of archives to share their collections on social media around a fun topic.” NARA organizes a theme based on a specific hashtag and encourages posts to Twitter and Instagram with that month’s hashtag on or around the first Friday of each month. 

While organized by an archive, cultural organizations from around the United States participate. This includes galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. Beyond posting for an individual institution, many organizations also interact with their peers by liking, tagging, and sharing posts. 

Wide-ranging Themes

The beauty and the challenge of the hashtag parties are the wide-ranging themes selected by NARA. Sometimes the collections at the Government and Heritage Library (GHL) provide a wealth of materials to meet the theme, making it both easy and hard to choose items to highlight. Other times, the theme forces GHL staff to flex their creativity.

With the theme #ArchivesAncestors, the last party on Friday, October 4, 2019, gave GHL the chance to show off a selection of items from our large collection of genealogy vertical files, family histories, and personal biographies. 

#ArchivesHarvest, #ArchivesOutdoors, and #ArchivesBacktoSchool were also fun themes to explore! Meanwhile, #Archives80s had staff combing the North Carolina Digital Collections for items from the 1880s and 1980s. And #ArchivesArtifacts showed off our collection of obsolete media.

Find a full list of participants and hashtag party themes at the National Archives’ website.

Tweet from August 2, 2019 for #ArchivesOutdoors

Revisit Old #ArchivesHashtagParties in the Web Archive

Did you miss a party or one of our posts during a party? Don’t worry! All GHL’s posts are saved in the North Carolina web archive. Visit webarchives.ncdcr.gov to access the web archive, then pick your favorite hashtag and put it in the second search box on the home page. After clicking on the “search” button,  the site will return a list of results where you can see all the social media posts featuring the hashtag you selected.

Join Us for the Next Party!

After you’ve looked at the old parties, plan to follow us for the next #ArchivesHashtagParty. We don’t know next month’s theme yet, but if you follow #ArchivesHashtagParty and @foreverythingNC on Twitter and Instagram you can see all our posts as they happen.

Krista Sorenson, Digital Projects Librarian