New Serial Titles Available in the North Carolina Digital Collections

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Government & Heritage Library (GHL) regularly adds new publications to the North Carolina Digital Collections ( In the past six months, many of these additions have been runs of serial titles. Some of these additions include new issues of existing titles, while others comprise entirely new content now freely and digitally available.

Carolina Comments

Carolina Comments began in 1952 as a newsletter from the North Carolina Department of Archives and History reporting on historical activities in the department and around the state. By the 1970s, it contained regular reports from each section in the North Carolina Department of Archives and History, news from historical organizations, and featured stories. Beginning in 2011, it ceased print publication and moved to an electronic format. In January 2013, the final issue was published, with content adapted to a social media version. Find the entire run of the publication from 1952 to 2013 via

Cover of the October 2001 issue of the journal, Tributaries Tributaries 

Published by the North Carolina Maritime History Council, Tributaries “seeks to support continuing historical, archeological, and cultural research” ( Started in 1991, the annual publication focuses on the maritime history and culture of North Carolina and the Eastern Seaboard, including articles on topics such as Blackbeard and the Queen Anne’s Revenge, book reviews, and updates from the North Carolina History Council. Still, in publication, issues of the journal from 1991-2019 may be viewed at

Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine

Well established in the North Carolina Digital Collections, the Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine Collection ( now contains new issues from the calendar years 2014, 2015, and 2016. Wildlife in North Carolina magazine is the official educational publication of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, dedicated to the conservation of North Carolina's wildlife and natural habitats. Published since 1937, the magazine contains nearly 80 years of research, essays, and photographs.

Cover of Wildlife in North Carolina from November-December 2016, volume 80, issue 6



Tar Heel Junior Historian

Interested in North Carolina based educational resources? Issues from 1991-2009 of the Tar Heel Junior Historian joined issues from 1961 on, already in the Digital Collections; see Published by The Tar Heel Junior Historian Association and sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History, each magazine focuses on one theme related to North Carolina history and culture. Themes covered in these new issues include: Creative North Carolina, World War II and North Carolina, Inventors and Scientist, American Indians in North Carolina, and many more!

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These are just a few highlights of the new content available in the North Carolina Digital Collections. Other titles that may be of interest include the following: 

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Krista Sorenson, Digital Projects Librarian