Transcriptions Galore!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Have some time on your hands? Interested in transcription projects? We love them too! Here’s a quick update on our recent Veterans Oral History Transcription Project and some recommendations for other transcription opportunities. 

Veterans Oral History Transcription Project 

Readers of this blog may recall that the Government and Heritage Library (GHL) and the North Carolina State Archives recently partnered on a crowd-sourcing project to transcribe audio interviews of a dozen North Carolina women veterans. Thanks to the help of volunteers, these transcriptions were completed and are now available in the Veterans Oral History Collection at the North Carolina Digital Collections.  

To assist you, we’ve assembled a list of each of the interview subjects and links to the transcriptions completed in the project. In addition to the transcription links, we included links to the interview audio hosted in the State Archives’ Internet Archive Collection, as well as links to any NCpedia biographies that feature one of the interviewees. Check them out today! Photograph of Grace Collins Boddie, 1970.

Find Your Next Transcription Project 

Interested in participating in a transcription project? While the GHL does not have any active projects, we recommend these projects from fellow cultural institutions. 

  • North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Ichthyology Unit’s Castaway project ( invites you to become a citizen scientist by transcribing data found in station logs from research vessels operating in the Atlantic from the last 1960s through the 2010s. 
  • American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s FIX IT+ project ( wants you to help correct transcripts for any historic programs available in the AAPB’s Online Reading Room, such as interviews with Freedom Riders featured on American Experience. 
  • Library of Congress’ By the People ( is an application that calls on you to transcribe, review, and tag digitized images of manuscripts and typed materials from the Library’s collections. Current campaigns include Suffrage: Women Fight for the Vote, Herencia: Centuries of Spanish Language Legal Documents, and many more. 
  • National Archives and Records Administration’s Citizen Archivist program ( asks you to tag, transcribe, and added comments to the Archive’s catalog records. A recent campaign includes transcribing award cards documenting recipients of the Purple Heart, Air Medal Decoration, Commendation Medal, Distinguished Service Cross, and Distinguished Flying Cross from 1942-1963. 
  • State Archives of North Carolina's TranscribeNC project ( is seeking volunteers to help improve access to historic documents by transcribing lists, forms, diaries, letters, and other materials from their collections.

These are just a few of the many transcription projects out there. We hope you have just as much fun with those projects as you did with the Veterans Oral History Project! 

Mike Millner, Digital Team