Labor Day and Publications from the NC Department of Labor

Monday, August 31, 2020

Labor Day is coming up.  Labor Day has been a national holiday for over a hundred years.  Congress made the first Monday in September a legal holiday in 1894.  It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

North Carolina has a state agency, the Department of Labor, that promotes the health, safety, and general well-being of working North Carolinians through regulatory and enforcement powers.  The Department of Labor produces a number of publications to promote health and safety standards for the workplace.  The Government and Heritage Library collects these publications both print and digital formats. 

Here are a few of those publications in the Government and Heritage Library’s digital collection of state agency publications:

Safety guides

Guide to fall prevention in industry is an overview of falls in all types of places.   It examines causes, discusses preventive measures, and includes OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards.

Illustration from the publication "Falling." The illustration shows a person tripping and stumbling.

A guide to cranes and derricks examines hazards and describes safety measures when implementing a company’s crane safety program.  It also includes the standards for cranes in North Carolina.

Cover of "A guide to cranes and derricks." Includes the NC Dept. of Labor logo

Medical and dental offices: a guide to compliance with North Carolina occupational and safety and health standards explains the various CFR (Code of Federal Registry) standards that medical and dental offices must comply with.  These include standards for bloodborne pathogens and x-ray radiation. 

Cover of "Medical and Dental Offices" An illustration of an Asklepian and a syringe.


Newsletters, annual reports, and more

The North Carolina Department of Labor publishes a bimonthly electronic newsletter, Labor Ledger, that provides employers and employees with information about workplace safety.

To learn more about the activities of the Department of Labor, read the last 20 years of the Annual report of the North Carolina Department of Labor.

And for the complete collection of digital publications from the NC Department of Labor click HERE.


In the continuing interest of keeping employees and employers in North Carolina safe during the pandemic, the Department of Labor has also published information on COVID-19.

Denise Jones, State Publications Clearinghouse Liaison