Fall Educational Resources Round-up from NCpedia & ANCHOR

Monday, October 19, 2020

It’s hard to believe it’s October! As teachers, students and families settle into the new school year – many with online instruction – it’s a good time to share the wealth of resources, many new, that can support learning from wherever you find yourself.

NCpedia: North Carolina’s Online Encyclopedia

Interactive quizzes for fun and learning

Image contains ten icons, each for a particular NCpedia quiz. Icons include pictures of a cardinal, bookshelf, food in jars, mountains, the NC flag with a pinecone, the Earth, a silhouette of NC with pictures of historic buildings around it, a soccer player, Rosie the Riveter, and a praying mantis.

In 2020, NCpedia launched a series of quizzes for North Carolina history and culture. Ten are ready and waiting for eager trivia buffs. Quizzes are either 5 or 10 questions and written at the 5th-grade level. After completing a quiz, learners receive a printer-friendly results page that includes a brief history of the item, an image, and a link to an NCpedia article to learn more. Sample from: state critters, poetry, Made in NC, geography, state symbols, Earth Day and nature, history, sports, women’s history, and name that bug! More quizzes are in the works. And if you have a special topic that you would like to see for your students, let us know!

North Carolina History Elementary Education Collection

Image shows document with two pictures of Model T cars.

NCpedia has a new elementary education collection. Written at the 4th to 6th-grade level, it includes 20 entries covering a range of topics, including: biography, civil rights, geography and maps, history of farming and industry, education, the natural world, and historical events. The collection also includes 5 primary source-based activity pages with stand-alone educational content. More items will continue to be added to the collection. If you have topics that would like to see, please share them with us!

NCpedia Educator Resources Collection

Image shows 12 icons, each for a particular educator resource. Icons include pictures of school desks, the ANCHOR logo, scissors, a clock, mountains, the This Day in North Carolina History logo, a building with four columns, a National March for Freedom button, a lighthouse, a typewriter, the NCWiseOwl logo, and a pirate!

Organized in one convenient place, NCpedia brings together a page of resources to help educators with the North Carolina curriculum. The page includes access points for elementary and 8th-grade educational resources; a North Carolina curriculum and standards crosswalk with NCpedia resources; primary source collections; research guides; North Carolina state agency education and curriculum resources; North Carolina fast facts and icons; resources for writing and citing; fun stuff like educational quizzes and activities; and more. Bookmark this page as a go-to!

ANCHOR: A North Carolina History Online Resource

Educators and parents may remember the LEARN NC North Carolina History Digital Textbook. The online textbook for 8th-grade social studies education was originally a project of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education, with many project partners and collaborators. In 2018 the resource was incorporated into the NCpedia platform and renamed ANCHOR. Since then, partners at the State Library of North Carolina and the North Carolina Historical Publications Office, both divisions of the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, have been working to enhance and update the resource. Many chapters have been enhanced with primary sources, classroom resources for teachers, and other related content for students.

During 2020, all new content has been added relevant to 20th century and recent North Carolina history. These new pages include relevant primary sources and related historical materials, along with numerous classroom activities. Lesson plans have also been included from project partners at Carolina K-12 at Carolina Public Humanities at the University of North Carolina. Please visit these new resources and add them to your classroom toolkit:

ANCHOR is made possible by support from the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Carolina K-12, the North Caroliniana Society, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and NC LIVE.

Kelly Agan, Digital Projects Librarian