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History's Mysteries Resources: Oak Island's Money Pit
Resources to Learn More About Oak Island, Buried Treasure, Archaeology and Pirates

Treasure seekers have been digging in Oak Island's "Money Pit," hoping to find an elusive treasure, for more than 200 years. But no one has hit the jackpot yet. Join us for the latest installment of our History's Mysteries series as speaker Bill Stepien takes you deep beneath the surface of Oak Island.

Resources from the NCLBPH Collection

DB12780 The Money Pit: The story of  Oak Island and the World's Greatest Treasure Hunt, by D'Arcy O'Connor

Relates the colorful history of a baffling mystery that began in 1795 when a teenage boy discovered a vast labyrinth of underground tunnels and chambers off the coast of Nova Scotia. Who built this maze--when, why, and how--is unknown, although the author speculates that it might have been Spanish looters burying Mayan and Indian treasures.

DBC06104 Literacy Trails of Eastern North Carolina: A Guidebook, by Georgann Eubanks

This concluding volume of the Literary Trails of North Carolina trilogy takes readers into an ancient land of pale sand, dense forests and expansive bays, through towns older than our country and rich in cultural traditions. Here, writers reveal lives long tied to the land and regularly troubled by storms and tell tales of hardship, hard work and freedom. 18 tours lead readers from Raleigh to the Dismal Swamp, the Outer Banks and across the Sandhills as they explore the region's connections to over 250 writers of fiction, poetry, plays and creative nonfiction. Along the way, Georgann Eubanks brings to life the state's rich literary heritage as she explores these writers' connection to place and reveals the region's vibrant local culture. Featured authors include A.R. Ammons, Gerald Barrax, Charles Chesnutt, Clyde Edgerton, Philip Gerard, Kaye Gibbons, Harriet Jacobs, Jill McCorkle, Michael Parker and Bland Simpson.

Information on Oak Island and Nova Scotia, Online Resources

The Canadian Encyclopedia: Oak Island,

Nova Scotia Museum:


Oak Island Money Pit and Geology, Online Resources

Steven Aitken, PHD (geologist): Simplified Geology of Oak Island,

University of Calgary: What the Curse of Oak Island is teaching us about treasures (blog, March 23, 2021),


Captain William Kidd and Pirates, Online Resources

Britannica: William Kidd, English Pirate,

Smithsonian Magazine: ‘Captain Kidd’s Treasure’ Has Finally Been Discovered (May 8, 2015),

The National Archives (UK): A rough deal for Captain Kidd (blog March 3, 2020),


Pirates, Online Resources

Royal Museums Greenwich: The life and times of a pirate (includes text, video, and audio),


North Carolina Pirates, Buried Treasure and Archaeology Online Resources, North Carolina’s online encyclopedia

Queen Anne’s Revenge Project, North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources: website devoted to sharing the history and discovery of Blackbeard’s flagship off the coast of North Carolina and its artifacts,

Ancient North Carolinians, Virtual Museum of North Carolina Archaeology, UNC-Chapel Hill: Queen Anne’s Revenge,


eBooks (from NC LIVE):

Stephen Johnson, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sunken Ships and Treasures (Penguin Group, 2000).

Charles R. Ewen and Russell K. Skowronek, Pieces of Eight: More Archaeology of Piracy (University Press of Florida, 2016).


Audiobook (from Hoopla on NC LIVE)

Joy A. Steele and Gordon Fader, Oak Island Mystery: Solved. (Nimbus Publishing, 2020).


Print Book

Joy A. Steele, Oak Island Mystery: Solved. (Nimbus Publishing, 2020).


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