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This edition of Berkov's Bookshelf

This edition of Berkov's Bookshelf

The Great Believers

By Rebecca Makkai

Talking Book Number: DB 91533

Yale Tishman is living in 1980s Chicago in the Boystown neighborhood known for its high concentration of LGBT residents.  He is seeing his friends die from AIDS, one by one, and then the unthinkable happens.  His monogamous partner Charlie admits to Yale that he hasn’t exactly been completely monogamous and has contracted HIV.  Thirty years later, the sister of one of their deceased friends travels to Paris in search of her estranged, cult-following daughter. These two stories are interwoven by the author with such beauty and such emotion, that it’s hard to imagine one half of this book without the other. If you enjoyed reading Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, you will enjoy reading this truly breathtaking saga that spans two continents, three decades, and touches a whole lot of lives.  You may order this title online through the book link at the top, by calling NCLBPH and requesting a copy or by downloading the title from BARD. If you’re not a patron of our library and are not eligible for our services, please contact your local public library to obtain a copy of this title.