Research Guides

Research guides and tools created by Government and Heritage Library staff to help you through the research process.

Guides by subject:


Agriculture in North Carolina
Print and digital resources, including state documents, on North Carolina's agricultural industry.

Data and Statistics

Data Resources
Information on state and federal statistics and data. The State Library of North Carolina is a coordinating agency of the State of North Carolina Data Center.


Beginning Genealogy Resources
Print and online resources useful for beginning genealogical and family history research.

Genealogical Indexes and Abstracts of Newspapers
Resources for finding indexes to genealogical information in contemporary and historical newspapers.

Genealogy/Family History Videos
A series of videos about the Genealogy and Family History.

North Carolina Land Records before 1800
Information on the different types of land records in North Carolina through the Revolutionary War.

Researching African American Ancestors
A beginner's guide to starting your African American family history research.

Tax Records in North Carolina
Information on tax records in North Carolina during the 1700s-1800s.

Tracing Your Immigrant Roots
Tools and strategies for researching your immigrant ancestors in North Carolina

North Carolina History

North Carolina Legislative History
A guide to understanding North Carolina legislative history.

North Carolina's Military History
A guide outlining the impact North Carolina has made on United States military history.

Library Resources

A guide to North Carolina resources & services in the NC Government & Heritage Library and at institutions around the state.

Getting to Primary Sources
Tools and strategies for finding, evaluating, and using primary resources in the classroom.

Digital Preservation Videos
A series of videos about Digital Preservation.

Finding Reliable Information Sources
A guide to finding reliable sources and evaluating the information they provide

Government and Heritage Library Academy
An online learning tool with tutorials about a variety of subjects.

My N.C. from A to Z Companion Guide
A collection of links to online and print resources relating to topics explored in the book 'My N.C. from A to Z' by Michelle Lanier.

North Carolina Digital Collections Videos
A series of videos about the North Carolina Digital Collections.

State Employees Research Guide
A one-stop guide for state employees that contains resources covering history, science, health, technology, and legislative and law topics, as well as historical and current newspaper databases.

North Carolina State Government Publications

Financial Publications of North Carolina
Several North Carolina state agencies perform budget and financial management functions for state government.  These financial reports ensure the transparency of the state's finances.

North Carolina State Budget
A guide to the North Carolina State Budget, including publications available to help citizens understand it.

North Carolina Court Reports
All published opinions, and more, from the two highest courts in North Carolina, the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

North Carolina Department of Transportation
Publications and reports from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

North Carolina Legislative Publications
A guide to important North Carolina legislative publications and information.

People of North Carolina

History of African American Education in North Carolina
Resources for learning about and researching the history of African American Education in North Carolina. 

North Carolina's Hispanic Heritage
Guide celebrating the contributions Hispanics have made and continue to make to North Carolina.

State Publications about African Americans in North Carolina
Information about African Americans in the North Carolina State Government Publications collection.

Women in North Carolina
A guide celebrating the contributions women have made and continue to make to North Carolina and the United States.