How We Serve You

What We Offer

The NCLBPH offers a wide range of books and magazines. The same book and magazine titles found most other public libraries are available for loan. Materials are in large print, braille, or audio formats. The audio materials are provided on digital cartridges recorded in a special format. Thus, the library also loans specially designed digital talking book players to patrons who request audio service. Some special accessories for the players are available to those who need them to use the players. A special higher volume player for those with hearing impairment is available; however, it requires certification by a doctor. The NCLBPH repairs, at no cost, the digital machines loaned to patrons. A toll-free telephone line for use throughout North Carolina is also offered for book requests, quick service and to answer any questions you might have about the service (1-888-388-2460). The Friends of the NCLBPH’s library newsletter, Tar Heel Talk, is provided quarterly to patrons and is available in all formats.

Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is available to active patrons for a fee as an added feature of our service. DVS presents a descriptive audio track that describes the spoken detail of movies. This is available in both VHS tape and DVD. Check out the latest catalog for more details.

Who Is Eligible

Anyone who cannot use regular printed materials because of a visual or other physical handicap is eligible. This includes anyone whose visual impairment, either permanent or temporary, cannot be corrected with reading glasses. Persons with a physical disability preventing them from turning pages or holding a book are also included. In addition, certain learning disabilities may qualify. Facilities serving qualified persons, such as schools and nursing homes, are also eligible.

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What Does It Cost

The patron pays nothing for this service since the library materials are in special formats which qualify for FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND mailing privileges. There are no postal charges for sending our library materials through the mail. North Carolina residents may call the library's toll-free telephone number (1-888-388-2460).

How To Apply

To see if you qualify, please check the eligibility and application page. The library will send you an application form or you can download the form. This form gives detailed information on who is eligible, what is available, and how to complete the application. You must have your application signed by a competent authority who is not a family member. In cases of blindness, visual disability, or physical limitations, "competent authority" is defined to include doctors of medicine; doctors of osteopathy; ophthalmologists; optometrists; registered nurses; therapists; professional staff of hospitals, institutions; public or welfare agencies, such as social workers, case workers, counselors, rehabilitation teachers, and superintendents of the agencies. In the absence of any of these, certification may be made by professional librarians or any persons whose competence under specific circumstances is acceptable to the Library of Congress.

In the case of a reading disability, from organic dysfunction, competent authority is defined as doctors of medicine who may consult with colleagues in associated disciplines. Once your application is signed, mail it to the library's address shown below. The library cannot accept applications that have to be faxed or e-mailed. If your application is approved, you will receive a call from one of our Reader Advisors who will go over your application with you and help you choose book categories that interest you. Shortly after speaking to the Reader Advisor, you will begin to receive materials from the library, normally in a week to ten days. Should there be a problem with your application; the library will get in touch with you. You can request an application or obtain further information on the application procedure by contacting the library directly