Tips for Better Service

Here are some good tips and reminders to make your experience better with our service.

  • Put patron's name and address on all correspondence with us.
  • Please return your books 1 or 2 at a time. A returned book puts you in line for service.
  • Send all correspondence to the NCLBPH in Raleigh. Do NOT send materials to CMLS in Florida or to NLS in Washington unless specifically told to do so. Those agencies will only forward the material to us.
  • Moving to another state? Call the library at 1-888-388-2460 for information on transferring or if you wish to stop service permanently. We will be happy to transfer your records to the library that will be providing service to you. (This applies only to a permanent move).
  • Notify the library of address changes in advance to avoid delays in service.
  • Please call the NCLBPH if you have any questions regarding your service or if you need to make changes in service.
  • If your reading interests change or you want the number of books you receive increased or decreased, please call.
  • Always call the NCLBPH if you are returning equipment.
  • Keep the original packaging in which your machine arrives. You will need it to return equipment in the event it needs repair.
  • Please include a note with your machine stating why you are returning it. This will assist the repair technicians greatly.
  • Please remember the NCLBPH toll-free phone number - 1-888-388-2460