The library is committed to reaching out to anyone who needs or wants our services. Our Outreach Services Department strives to bring out our best so we make more people aware of our services and their eligibility. Along this road, our volunteers help out in more ways than we can count. They help fill in the gaps and provide the best service for you. Overall outreach is how we reach out to all. To find out where we'll be next or if we're in your neighborhood check out the Outreach Service Calendar. Here are some Outreach things to know.

  • Outreach Request - Request a representative from our library to speak to your group about our library services!
  • Volunteer - See what kinds of things our Volunteers do to help make our service the best it can be
  • Friends of the Library - Become a Friend of the Library and help support our services by filling in the gaps
  • Donations - Donations are always welcomed and appreciated
  • Tar Heel Talk - the official newsletter of the library. Read all the news you can use and learn more about the service
  • Library Brochure - a handy printable brochure that describes all of the services available and what the library has to offer