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The words Notable On NOBLE sample locally recorded books and magazines is overlayed in front of a pair of headphones sitting on books that are shelved upright

Notable On NOBLE is a great way to sample locally recorded digital books and magazines. Each episode highlights a book or magazine from the library's North Carolina BARD for local recordings site called NOBLE. Sit back, relax and take a listen. Your next great read may be something we highlight on the show. If you like what you hear, the rest of the book or magazine is only a click away by download from NOBLE the library's locally recorded book and magazine site. Need a podcatcher app for your mobile device? The Podbean app works well with the library's podcasting platform. 

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Like this clip? Download the rest of When The Parkway Came - DBC06103

Past Episodes

Through the Years by M. H. Crocket and Barbara Crocket Dease

Bryson City Secrets by Walt Larimore

The Governor's Lady by Robert Inman - DBC06105

The Highland Scots of North Carolina by Duane Gilbert Meyer - DBX01220

A Fork in the Road by Craig B. Brown - DBX01232

Bryson City Seasons by Walt Larimore - DBX01224

Literary Trails of the North Carolina Piedmont by Georgann Eubanks - DBX01196

Scoundrels, Rogues and Heroes by K. Randell Jones - DBC06101

Blind Justice by Craig B. Brown - DBX01233

Bryson City Tales by Walt Larimore - DBX01222

Awesome Science by Phillis Goldman - DBX01238

Bushwackers by William R. Trotter - DBX01160

Silk Flags and Cold Steel by William R. Trotter - DBX01136

Between the Creeks by Roy A. Cooper, Jr. - DBX01235

Dead and Gone by Manly Wade Wellman - DBX00828

The Third Reconstruction by William J. Barber, II - DBC06106

Victims by Phillip S. Paludan - DBX00998

Holy Smoke by John S. Reed - DBX01133

Ironclads and Columbiads by William R. Trotter - DBC06107

Tar Heel Traveler by Scott Mason - DBX01195

Before They Were Heroes at King's Mountain by K. Randell Jones - DBC06110

A Day of Blood by LeRae Umfleet - DBC06112

The Way I See It by David Gates - DBC06115

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