Allen's List

Reader's Advisor, Allen Wight offers some fun themed (and unthemed) lists of things to read next and inspire you to read more. Here are some of Allen's Lists:

Funny Mysteries

Every now and then, you want a laugh. Every now and then, you want a mystery. Sometimes you want both. If the latter is the case, consider reading the following:


Is there something in human nature that makes us want to be scared by mythical creatures we know can not hurt us? If so, that may provide part of the explanation for the popularity of vampires in film, television and books. Here are a just a few of the individual books and series available from the library:

If you wish to tackle a series, and there are many; consider one of the following:

Made Into Movies

You may have seen the following movies, but have you read the book? If not, consider the following books which became movies:

American Classics

One definition of a classic is a work of art of recognized and established value. This could be a painting, a piece of music or a novel. These American novels meet that definition of classic:

Fantastic Fantasies

Wizards, witches, hobbits, elves and magic! Don't forget epic battles! If you enjoy these in great stories, consider these fantasy series:

Download all of them from NCLBPH for many hours of reading pleasure! - Allen

These are available to download or reserve from our online catalog or from BARD.