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This edition of Berkov's Bookshelf

This edition of Berkov's Bookshelf

The White Christmas Inn

By Colleen Wright

Talking Book Number: DB 92591

Large Print Book Number: LT 37970

Hannah has planned her perfect Christmas wedding to Trevor, set to take place at a picturesque Vermont Inn, when a big snowstorm hits the area.  To make matters worse, Trevor never makes it to the Inn and decides to break off the engagement, only to have second thoughts later. Meanwhile, the Inn’s owners have a secret that they’re keeping from their current guests.  They are losing money on the Inn and will have to sell at the beginning of the new year.  To round out the story, a number of travelers arrive at the Inn, stranded by the storm and with no place else to go. But what blizzard story would be complete without a couple of budding romances? Read about these heart-warming relationships by ordering this title online through the book links at the top, by calling NCLBPH and requesting a copy or by downloading the title from BARD. If you’re not a patron of our library and are not eligible for our services, please contact your local public library to obtain a copy of this title.