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BARD Mobile - Getting Started

A woman listens to talking books using her BARD Mobile App while on a boat.

Not sure how to use BARD Mobile? Here's how to get started downloading with BARD Mobile on your mobile device.

  1. Open BARD Mobile
  2. Read the BARD service agreement
  3. Select the Agree button. BARD Mobile won't work unless you agree with the terms of service
  4. Login to BARD Mobile using your BARD username and password. The password MUST be permanent. Temporary passwords will not work
  5. Choose the Get Books tab
  6. Download a book (or magazine) in several ways:
  7. Download Pausing, Resuming and Settings

Wish List

To download a book (or magazine) from your Wish List:

  1. Display your Wish List by a double-tap. Your Wish List will display in reverse chronological order
  2. Double-tap the title of the item you wish to download

Recently Added Titles

There are four different types of things you can download from Recently Added Titles:

  1. Audio Books
  2. Audio Magazines
  3. Braille Books
  4. Braille Magazines

To download from Recently Added Titles:

  1. Double-tap one of the four different types of item to see a list of recently added titles in that category
  2. Each item on this screen includes the title and a More Info button
  3. Double-tap the title of the item you want to download, or double-tap More Info to see a synopsis or other information
  4. Double-tap the Download button on the More Info screen to download the item

Browse BARD

Use Browse BARD to go to the BARD website and browse available titles. You won't be able to directly download titles but you can add them to your wish list to download later.

  1. Double-tap Browse BARD to open the BARD main page
  2. Use Search to find books as you normally would
  3. Use the Add to Wish List button following each book title to add books or magazines you find to your Wish List. Then you can download them afterwards from your Wish List

Navigating BARD

You have several navigation options while browsing BARD.

  • In the top center of the screen is a heading called BARD
  • To its right are Back and Forward buttons. These work like the standard Back and Forward buttons in a web browser
    • The Back button takes you to the page you last visited
    • Forward button returns you to a page if you have used the Back button to go to a previous page
  • To the left of the BARD heading is another Back button.
    • It takes you out of the BARD site and back to BARD Mobile
    • Double-tap this button after you have added books to your Wish List to download them

Downloading from BARD

  1. Find the books and/or magazines you want to download, and add them to your wish list
  2. Double-tap the Back button to the left of the BARD heading to return to BARD Mobile
  3. Double-tap the Wish List option
  4. Double-tap the title you want to download. A confirmation message will appear
  5. Select OK

Download Pausing, Resuming and Settings

  • While the title is downloading, you can double-tap it to pause. Double-tap it again to resume the download
  • Selected items will download one after another in the order they were selected. If you double-tap an item already queued for download, it will be moved to the top of the queue
  • If you leave BARD Mobile while items are being downloaded or the screen locks, downloading will stop. Downloading should resume the next time you open the app. If it doesn't, select the bookshelf tab. All items you are trying to download are listed there and labeled "Queued for download." Double-tap the item or items you want to download.
  • BARD Mobile will always download via wi-fi if it is available. If you're not in wi-fi range, BARD will download via the cellular network if you have turned on "Download over mobile network" in the User Account section of Settings. If this option is off, BARD Mobile will stop downloading until it has access to wi-fi again.

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