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BARD Mobile - Help Guide

A finger on a keyboard pushes a red button that says the word Help

BARD Mobile has a complete user guide available from within the app. Here's how to use it.

Opening the Help Guide

  1. Open the Bookshelf tab
  2. There you will find five categories: Audio Books, Audio Magazines, Braille Books, Braille Magazines, and Help
  3. Double-tap Help
  4. Find User Guide

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Navigating the Help Guide

The user guide is displayed as a web page. The table of contents is at the top, and each item in it is an in-page link, if you select it, you will be taken directly to the text for that item. Each table of contents entry is also a heading. This allows you to skim through the guide by changing the rotor to Headings and flicking down with one finger. Standard VoiceOver reading commands work just fine.

To have VoiceOver read from the current position, swipe down with two fingers. To pause and resume the speech, do a two-finger single tap.

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Closing the Help Guide

  • Select the Help back button in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Select the “Bookshelf: Select Category” back button

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Updating the Help Guide

If you have Internet access when you read the user guide, BARD Mobile will load the most recent version of the guide from the NLS website. If you don't, BARD Mobile will load the version that was current when your version of BARD Mobile was created. So over time, there may be discrepancies between the online and offline versions.

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Using a Braille Display with BARD Mobile

Section 7 of the Help Guide explains how to configure your braille display to work with BARD Mobile on your mobile iOS device. It also provides useful keystrokes that make it easy to read and navigate braille books and magazines.

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Online Version of the Help Guide

The same user guide in the Help section of the app is also available online in HTML format:

NLS has produced a series of YouTube videos covering how to use BARD Mobile that may be helpful if you are having issues. Access the videos online at

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BARD National Support Help Desk

For large technical issues that are difficult to solve, please report them to the BARD National Support Help Desk -

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