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Downloading a Talking Book

New to downloading books? Want to do it better? These steps should help you download BARD books and magazines better.

Login to BARD

Log in to the web site by entering your NLS username (email address) and password. After login, you will be on the BARD main page. 

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Search BARD

You can search the most recently added books, the most popular books, or by title, author, subject, or keyword. You can search for magazines by title or by recently added issues. Each different section or search choice is marked with heading markers for screen readers.

  1. The simplest option is to enter the author’s name, title of a book, etc. into the box labeled “Search the Collection”. This will do a keyword search on what you enter in the box.
  2. Scroll the list of results or select the hyperlinked text at the top of the results to go to a particular set of results indicated by the matches you have made.
  3. Find the title you want to download from the results list.
  4. Click or select the link to the title. This will be after the description and labeled in the format “Download TitleOfBook DB######”.

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Download the Book

The action of downloading a book (or magazine) from BARD involves telling your web browser to Save it someplace on your computer. The web browser you have will determine what you want to do.

Download Using Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8

  1. A prompt will appear and ask if you want to “Open File” or “Save File”.
  2. Select “Save File”.
  3. A window will open and ask where you want to save the file. Pick a location to save the file. Usually saving to the desktop is easiest for finding the file downloaded.

Download Using Internet Explorer 9 and Above

Download Using Firefox

  1. Firefox won’t ask you where to save the file. It will save it to a preset place. You can set where downloaded items go in Firefox by selecting “Tools” – “Options” – In the “downloads” section of the “Main” tab you can select where you want to save items you download.
  2. You can use the default file name or your own if it makes finding it easier. A patron can also create a folder for downloaded books to make it easier for finding them afterwards.
  3. Click or select “OK”. A download window will then open showing the progress of the download. Depending on the length of the book and your internet provider, this could take several minutes.
  4. Once complete, close or minimize your Internet browser and find where you have saved the file.

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