Playing a Talking Book

New to downloading books? Want to do it better? These tips should help you to play books and use your digital talking book player more effectively.

Playing a Book on your Flash Drive

Plug the cartridge or flash drive in and the book will start to play. To stop the book, push the Play/Stop button. If there is more than one book on a cartridge you can use the bookshelf.

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Using the Bookshelf

To access the bookshelf press and hold the Play/Stop button for 5 seconds. You will hear a beep and a voice announce “Bookshelf” and the number of books on the flash drive or cartridge. Use the RW and FW keys to locate the book you want to read. Push the Play/Stop key again to begin playing the book. The player will only announce “bookshelf” if there is more than one book on the flash drive or cartridge.

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Key Describer

Key Describer mode makes the player say or describe what a key does when pressed. Your player is shipped with this feature turned on so that you can learn how to operate it. Once you are comfortable you can turn this feature off.

To turn off Key Describer - make sure the player doesn’t have a cartridge/thumb drive in it. Press and hold down the Fast Forward and Speed Down buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

To turn on Key Describer - hold down the Fast Forward and Speed Up buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

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Battery Charging

Pull the power cord out of the space at the back of the player. Plug it into a wall outlet and player will charge. While turned on, the player will run on outlet power and charge the battery until full. To preserve battery life and for safety the player will not start to recharge until it gets below 18 hours of charge. A battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge and the charge will last 30 hours or more depending on use.

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Finding the Serial Number

To have the player tell you the Serial Number, press the Sleep button 10 or more times. The player should then start saying the serial number.

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