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Patron Page Turners is a new way for us to build a stronger sense of community between our patrons who are spread throughout North Carolina, and the library. With Patron Page Turners, our patrons (and staff) can share their thoughts and feelings about different books they read and perhaps make recommendations of what books to read next.


Reviews by Our Patrons for Our Patrons

Latest Review: A Street Cat Named Bob and How He Saved My Life

Much has been written about the relationship between humans and animals. Therapy dogs go to nursing homes, and dogs help people who are blind or have other disabilities. Dogs sniff out drugs and help find lost people for law enforcement. They ease life for returning veterans suffering PTSD. Some research has even shown that petting an animal can lower blood pressure. But what can a CAT do?

It seemed that the cat Bob’s fur wasn’t quite right the night James Bowen found him on the doorstep of one of the apartments in his building. But then James wasn’t quite right either. He was living in supported housing and visiting the pharmacist each day for his fix of methadone. He worked as a musician in the streets of London, living on money people threw into his guitar case. But Bob changed all of that in ways James never could have imagined.

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Reviews for Our Patrons by Staff


Latest Review: The Word is Murder

Diana Cowper makes her funeral arrangements one day, and six hours later she is murdered. This is the beginning of a great murder mystery with a twist. The author, Anthony Horowitz is a bestselling novelist who has written many books and scripts for TV shows. The Word is Murder is a mystery set in contemporary London, and Horowitz himself is one of the main characters. In fact, he writes it as a first-person narrator.

Daniel Hawthorne is a professional acquaintance. When Horowitz needs advice about criminal investigations, he consults with this former police detective. Hawthorne has always seemed like a cold fish, aloof to the point of rudeness. When Hawthorne asks Horowitz to write a book about his latest case, Horowitz is of a mind to refuse. He knows very little about Hawthorne, except that he was dismissed from the police force but is still sometimes called in as a consultant due to his expertise in murder investigations. Despite his misgivings, once Horowitz hears the details of the case he’s compelled to learn more.

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