National Magazines Available

The following is a list of magazines available to registered library patrons and their format. To receive these please print and fill out the appropriate magazine checklist for either braillelarge print or audio recording. Then send them to the library at the address indicated on the list.

  • Book World – Book review supplement published weekly by The Washington Post. Includes bestseller lists - Available in Braille
  • Boys’ Life – Articles on the outdoors, sports, and hobbies, with adventure fiction and humor; for ages 9-16. Published by the Boy Scouts of America - Available in Braille
  • Braille Chess Magazine – Chess pointers; news of current trends and competitions - Available in Braille
  • Braille Monitor – Activities of the National Federation of Blind; reports on current issues - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Braille Musical Magazine – British articles for both professional and amateur musicians - Available in Braille
  • Capper’s – Rural life, crop reports, recipes, fiction, patterns, garden and medical columns, jokes, and serialized novels - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Choice Magazine Listening – Selections from various magazines - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Cooking Light: The magazine of Food and Fitness – Covers a wide variety of areas from foods and nutrition to fitness, health, and exercise - Available in Braille
  • Conundrum - Crossword and logic puzzles, anagrams, word searches, and general-knowledge quizzes - Available in Braille
  • Diabetes Self-Management – Developments in treatment and management of diabetes - Available in Recorded Audio and by download from NOBLE
  • Dialogue - For visually impaired persons, featuring fiction by blind authors, reports on current legislation, information about vocational, recreational and travel opportunities, home and gardening hint - available in large print, recorded audio and by download from NOBLE
  • ESPN: The Magazine – Up-to-the-minute international sports; news; personalities; and events - Available in Braille
  • Guideposts – Interfaith inspirational stories - available in large print, recorded audio and by download from NOBLE
  • Harper’s Magazine – General culture magazine with articles by well-known writers on politics, international affairs, education, and science; includes short stories, satire, and poetry - Available in Braille
  • Health Newsletters (Berkeley Wellness Letter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, Harvard Health Letter) – Current health concerns, medical information, nutrition, and stress management from Harvard Health Letter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter - Available in Braille
  • Humpty Dumpty – Stories for ages 4-7; jokes, poems, games, activities - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance – General-interest articles on managing finances, including taxes, investments options, real estate, insurance, and retirement planning - Available in Braille
  • Ladies’ Home Journal (M) – Articles and fiction intended for women. Includes household hints, recipes, and ideas on fashion and beauty - Available in Braille
  • Lifeglow (Q) – Short articles to “brighten, inspire, and entertain.” Includes pen pal listing - available in large print
  • Martha Stewart Living – Recipes, gardening, crafts, collectibles, reminiscence, homemaking, and home entertaining - Available in Braille
  • Modern Maturity – Covers subjects of interest to older people; Publication of the American Association of Retired Person - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Muse – Science, art, archaeology, and history activities for ages 6-14; includes contests and book and media reviews - Available in Braille
  • Musical Mainstream – Selected articles from national magazines about classical music, music criticism, and music teaching; lists new NLS music acquisitions - Available in Braille
  • National Geographic – Articles on world geography and cultures; features on plant and animal life, space exploration, and ancient history - Available in Braille, large print, and recorded audio
  • New York Times Large Type Weekly – Excerpts from “The Week in Review” section of the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Highlights from the New York Times - Available in Braille
  • Parent’s Magazine – Child rearing from infancy through the mid-Teens - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Parenting – Information about rearing children from infancy through the mid-teens. Includes interviews, reports, reviews, monthly family profiles and articles - Available in Braille
  • P C World – Information for computer users about hardware, software, advanced technology, and trends in the field; columns on product reviews and helpful hints - Available in Braille
  • Playboy – Spotlights current controversies and fashions; includes interviews with celebrities, fiction, reviews, letters, grooming, and advice on etiquette - Available in Braille
  • Poetry – Poetry, book reviews; news notes. Contemporary poetry selected from a wide range of contributors and styles - Available in Braille
  • Popular Communications – Articles of current and historical interest specifically for the radio hobbyist - Available in Braille
  • Popular Mechanics – Practical advice for the handyman; information on automotive and home repairs; features on new equipment - Available in Braille
  • Popular Music Lead Sheets – Chords, Melodies, and words to popular songs, old and new, written in leadsheet style - Available in Braille
  • Positive Thinking/Plus – Publication of the Foundation for Christian Living - available in large print
  • Reader’s Digest – Short articles, profiles, opinion pieces, political commentary and other general interest topics; also contains anecdotes and humor - available in large print
  • Retirement Life – Subjects of interest to retired federal workers. Official journal of the NARFE - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Rolling Stone – American popular culture in the arts and entertainment industry; record, video, audiovisual, and computer hardware reviews - Available in Braille
  • Science News – Recent discoveries, inventions, and advances in all the sciences - Available in Braille
  • Seventeen – Features on beauty and fashion for young women; articles on careers, education, and family relations; hints on diet - Available in Braille
  • Short Stories – Stories from contemporary writers - Available in Braille
  • Smithsonian – Wide variety of articles about science, natural history, art, archaeology, history, and ecology; events at the Smithsonian Institution - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Southern Living – Gardening. Foods, decorating, and travel in the South - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Spider, The Magazine for Children – Stories, poems, jokes, and Crafts for beginning readers ages 6-9 - Available in Braille
  • Stone Soup: The Magazine by Young Writers and Artists - Stories, poems, illustrations, and book reviews created by children through age 13. Features an activities section with suggested related projects - Available in Braille
  • The Washington Post Book World – Compilation of book Reviews appearing as a supplement to the Sunday edition of the Washington Post - Available in Braille
  • Yankee – Travel, history, recipes, articles on topics of local interest and local events in the New England states - Available in Recorded Audio

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North Carolina Magazines Available

  • Carolina Country (M) – Features articles on conservation, travel, cooking, hobbies, book reviews, history, farming and other items of interest to N.C. citizens - Available in Recorded Audio on the local magazine cartridge (contact library to subscribe) and by download from NOBLE
  • Consumer Advocacy and Advisory Committee (Q) – Minutes from the meetings of representatives from consumer organizations, advocacy groups, association of workers in the blindness field, and state legislators. Minutes of the N.C. Blind Commission meetings are included - Available as a Podcast from NOBLE
  • Living Power – The newsletter covers items of interest and keeps members of state and local government employees’ retirement systems informed of changes - Available by download from NOBLE
  • North Carolina Historical Review (Q) - Scholarly articles about North Carolina history; reviews of books of regional interest - Available in Recorded Audio on the local magazine cartridge (contact library to subscribe) and by download from NOBLE
  • Our State Down Home in North Carolina (M) – North Carolina history, folklore, and current events - Available in Recorded Audio on the local magazine cartridge (contact library to subscribe) and by download from NOBLE
  • Tar Heel Junior Historian (2/Yr) – North Carolina history, folklore, poetry, and portraits of historical persons and places. For ages 13-17 - Available in Recorded Audio
  • Tar Heel Talk (Q) – Newsletter of the North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. News, features, and notification of North Carolina volunteer-produced titles. Patrons automatically receive Large type edition - Available in Braille, Large Print and Recorded Audio on local magazine cartridge (contact library to subscribe) and by download from NOBLE
  • Wildlife in North Carolina (M) – Hunting, fishing, and wildlife preservation - Available in Recorded Audio on the local magazine cartridge (contact library to subscribe) and by download from NOBLE

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