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We have divided the most resource requests into four main categories: For Living, For Working, For Learning and For Recreation. Helpful lists of contacts, programs, online resources and more. If you have a new resource for the library to consider adding, use the Resource Suggestion Form - so that we can review it and see if it meets our guidelines.

In case you didn't know - What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

For Living

Resources related to day-to-day living with for those with visual or other impairments, including technology, advocacy, information, services and support to help with living life and making it more enjoyable. Includes some links for COVID-19 resources

For Working

Resources for those with visual or other impairments, wanting employment, staying employed, and other kinds of tools to help in being a productive member of the workforce. This is information and services to help you get a job or continue to work at your job.

For Learning

Learning and educational recources for the visually or physically impaired student and their educators or teachers. Information and services for receiving education and how to educate others.

For Recreation

Relaxation, games, culture and recreation for those with visual or other impairments. All kinds of information on various activities such as reading for pleasure, the arts, sports, vacationing and games.