Meaningful Measurement Initiative


Project Outcome

Purpose: Collect patron outcomes data to understand and share the true impact of library programs and services

Timeframe: Ongoing

Measures: Patron outcomes from library programs and services in 7 service areas

Tools: Survey platform; interactive data dashboards and visualization tools; planning, communication, and advocacy resources; community of practice

Support: Webinars, In-person training

Cost: Free; regional training provided by SLNC


Purpose: Assess library technology resources and services with the aim of supporting better patron and community outcomes.

Timeframe: Annual

Measures: How libraries maintain and support their technology services.

Tools: Technology management tool; Assessment and Action Planning Tool; Resources for implementing improvements, Communication templates; Year-over-year comparison data

Support: Webinars, In-person training

Cost: Free for NC public libraries; paid for by SLNC


Purpose: Assess library funding, staffing, and usage metrics

Timeframe: Annual

Measures: Input and output data

Tools:Comparison, trend, and year-to-year reports; graph creation and template brochures

Support: Recorded webinars, one-on-one assistance via SLNC

Cost: Free for NC public libraries; login required; paid for by SLNC


Meaningful Measurement is a year-long effort to provide library staff with access to tools and educational opportunities to equip them with the skills needed to purposefully gather data for decision making, planning and demonstrating library impact. This project will include access to workshops, webinars and professional learning group meetings to help facilitate a network of colleagues committed to intentional evaluation and improving library services.

This project is funded by monies from the Library Services and Museum Act (LSTA). LSTA grant awards are made possible by funding from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and administered by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (IMLS grant number LS-00-17-0034-17). LSTA grants are awarded in response to specific needs of public, academic and community college libraries. These federal funds are investments that help libraries deliver relevant and up-to-date services to their communities.