NC Cardinal

NC Cardinal was conceived in 2009 and formed in 2010 “to make the combined resources of North Carolina’s public libraries available to all people of the state through a shared catalog and a statewide library card.” Over the first seven years of its existence, NC Cardinal has broadened its focus beyond “a shared catalog and a statewide library card” to providing cost savings, collaborative collection development, and resource sharing to half of the public libraries in North Carolina.

Today, the shared catalog contains 6.6 million items. Over 56 million items have been circulated and over 4.5 million items were transited between Member Libraries since 2013, with an average of 79,274 items moving around the state per month in 2018.  NC Cardinal is a program of the State Library of North Carolina, supported by grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Federal Library Services and Technology Act.

    6.5Million Items in the catalog
    793,784Checkouts per month (on average in 2018)
    79,274Holds filled per month (on average in 2018)
    164Physical branches throughout NC
    43Counties throughout North Carolina
    37Library Systems 5 Regional 27 County 4 Municipal 1 Special