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NC Cardinal Documents

Title Description File Type Category
System Slow Instructions

Information to include in a help ticket when a library is experiencing a slow database.

System Down Instructions

Instructions for submitting a help ticket when the system is down.

StudentAccess Program Documents

The complete set of documents needed to implement the StudentAccess project.  Files include the program instructions, MOA template, data spreadsheet template, opt-out letter template, logo, and a sample newsletter.

Staff Login Account and Permissions Policy

A policy that defines who needs an individual staff login and how login access accounts can be used.

Shipping Branches

A comprehensive list of systems and their branches; the shipping hub library is also identified.

resource sharing
Resource Sharing Manual

Contributed by the RSTF committee. This document outlines best practices for resource sharing within NC Cardinal. All policies and procedures are recommended for implementation throughout the consortium. As issues arise, this document will be amended.

resource sharing
Resource Sharing Damaged Item Template

This document, created by the Forsyth County Library system, is to be utilized for damaged items that staff may encounter during resource sharing.

resource sharing
Resource Sharing Committee Meetings and Minutes

Minutes and related information from Resource Sharing Committee meetings.

resource sharing
PC Reservation Set Up

Instructions to set up Envisionware's PC Reservation software.

Patron Brochure

An informational brochure in PDF format for distribution to patrons.

OPAC Banner Gradient

An image slice of the gradient used on all NC Cardinal OPACs.

Offline Transaction Mode

Instructions for working in Offline Mode

NC Cardinal Shelving Location List
NC Cardinal Report Principles

The NC Cardinal Staff assists libraries with report creation. This document outlines how to access reports in general and specifically for NC Cardinal. This document is a training supplement to the official Evergreen manual at http://docs.evergreen-ils.

NC Cardinal OPAC Banner

The NC Cardinal OPAC banner image.

NC Cardinal Logo

Logos in different size and formats for NC Cardinal

NC Cardinal Font

The offical NC Cardinal font used is called “Oregon LDO” and it matches the NC Cardinal logo. Instructions on installing new fonts in Windows.

NC Cardinal Evergreen Basic Training

Guide to use Evergreen within NC Cardinal

NC Cardinal County Map

Map of NC with NC Cardinal libraries highlighted.

NC Cardinal Circulation Modifier List
NC Cardinal Administrative Manual

This document outlines common administrative tasks for member libraries in NC Cardinal.

Multiple Library Cards Policy

A step-by-step look at the policy NC Cardinal library staff members should follow when determining whether the patron should be issued a new card or check out via an existing card. Recommended to be used in conjunction with the Multiple Library Cards Flowchart.

Multiple Library Cards Flowchart

Policy and procedures for handling patrons who request new library cards and/or own multiple library cards.

Memorandum of Agreement

A sample Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

MARC Templates Document

This document describes fourteen (14) different MARC templates for use within NC Cardinal. The goal of these MARC templates is to provide a guideline for NC Cardinal Catalogers when importing cataloging records or creating original cataloging.

MARC Tag Edit Cheat Sheet

Contributed by Forsyth County. This document is a quick reference for editing MARC records within NC Cardinal. Refer to the NC Cardinal MARC Templates for detailed instructions

cataloging cataloging
Managing Offline Transactions

Instructions for processing offline transactions in Evergreen

Library Directory Excel Spreadsheet

This is a downloadable spreadsheet comprised of all public and academic library entries in our directory.

Hopeless Holds

This process generates a list of holds on bibliographic records that no longer have any viable copies, built using two Evergreen reports combined in MS Excel with the VLOOKUP function.

Multi-type holds are ignored since they may be filled by items in more than one bibliographic record.

Holds that can be transferred to other bibliographic records with viable copies or re-targeted by merging duplicate bibliographic records will be filled.

Patrons with holds that remain unfillable will be notified and the holds will be cancelled.

Lise Keppler - Forsyth County Public Library
Hold Restrictions

A document that outlines each system and the restriction on out-of-system holds.

Fines and Fees Policy

Policy for handling collection fees, lost or damaged fees, and DVD fines and fees.

Example Resource Sharing Best Practices - Forsyth County

This document provides an example of best practices for resource sharing, provided by Forsyth County.

Evergreen Receipts

Instructions for editing receipt templates, adding a new receipt printer, and troubleshooting.

Evergreen Installation Instructions and Download

Step by step instructions on installing Evergreen and registering a workstation for the first time.

Electronic Records Flowchart

A flowchart describing the use cases for transcendent and non-transcendent sources.

Cataloging Committee Meetings and Minutes
Cataloging Best Practices and Procedures

This Cataloging Best Practices knowledge book outlines best practices for cataloging within NC Cardinal. All policies and procedures are recommended for implementation throughout the consortium. As cataloging issues arise, this living document will be updated. 

Annual Meeting Presentations and Minutes