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General Resources

General Resources

Evergreen installation files - Administrative privileges to download/install software may be required. (You can connect to the web browser client without downloaded software.)

Instructions: Download the Evergreen XUL staff client above. If prompted, save the file by clicking Save. Once the file is downloaded, double click the file to start the installation. If you receive a security warning, click Run, Run anyway, and/or Yes to make changes. The Evergreen Staff Client Setup Wizard will open, click Next. Select your install location by choosing a folder or using the default destination folder. (Note: Be sure to install new versions in a different folder than previous versions.) Click Next. Select a folder or use the default to create a folder for the staff client shortcut. Click Install. The staff client will install; if needed follow the instructions in the NC Cardinal Circulation in 3.1 knowledge book to register your workstation.

NC Cardinal Administrative Manual - This knowledge book outlines common administrative tasks for member libraries in NC Cardinal.

System Down Instructions - Instructions for submitting a help ticket when the system is down.

System Slow Instructions - Information to include in a help ticket when a library is experiencing a slow database. Updated March 2015 with new request to trace route in addition to

PC Reservation Set Up

Using the Evergreen Standalone Interface - Evergreen’s Offline/Standalone Interface is designed to log transactions during scheduled or unscheduled network outage, which can be uploaded and processed once network operations are restored.

Managing Offline Transactions - Instructions for uploading and processing transactions to re-synchronize with the NC Cardinal production database once network connections are restored. There is also an Offline Transactions video.

Evergreen Receipts - Instructions for editing receipt templates, adding a new receipt printer, and troubleshooting. (June 2015)

Reports in Evergreen knowledge book - Instructions and video documenting the process for running, editing, and creating report templates. Please review this documentation and the extensive list of pre-built templates, and submit a help ticket to request further assistance from the NC Cardinal team.

The following guides were written and maintained by the Evergreen Documentation Interest Group (DIG), consisting of numerous volunteers from many different organizations. The DIG has drawn together, edited, and supplemented pre-existing documentation contributed by libraries and consortia running Evergreen that were kind enough to release their documentation into the creative commons.

The links below take you to HTML, PDF, and ePub versions of comprehensive guides that were produced to meet the needs of front-line library staff, catalogers, library administrators, system administrators, and software developers.

Evergreen 3.1 (HTML version)

Evergreen 3.1 (PDF)

Evergreen 3.1 (ePub)

Cataloging Resources

Cataloging Resources

NC Cardinal Cataloging Best Practices and Procedures - This cataloging best practices knowledge book outlines the current policies and procedures to be followed throughout the consortium, as established by the NC Cardinal Governance and Cataloging Committees. As cataloging issues arise and are addressed by the Cataloging Committee, this living document will be updated and should be consulted in place of any older document. 

Cataloging Contacts - Contact information for catalogers at each NC Cardinal library.

Cataloging Committee - Contact information for the NC Cardinal Cataloging Committee members.

Resource Sharing Resources

Resource Sharing Resources

Resource Sharing Manual - (Contributed by the resource sharing committee) This document outlines best practices for resource sharing within NC Cardinal. All policies and procedures are recommended for implementation throughout the consortium. As issues arise, this document will be amended.

Cardinal Contact List - This document provides Cardinal libraries with a primary and secondary contact from each system for the ability to gather information when issues arise.

Marketing/Branding Resources

Marketing/Branding Resources

Patron Brochure (PDF)

The offical NC Cardinal font used is called “Oregon LDO” and it matches the NC Cardinal logo.

Color coordinates for NC Cardinal red: Hex: C41E3A RGB: 196,30,58 CMYK: 0,85,70,23

Color coordinates for Green in the OPAC banner: Hex: 00593d RBG: 0,89,61 CMYK: 100,0,31,65

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