NC Cardinal Policies

Governance Policies

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Appendices
MOA, Bylaws, and Cost Sharing By Library documents

Library Policies

Multiple Library Cards Policy (updated April 2015)
A step-by-step look at the policy NC Cardinal library staff members should follow when determining whether the patron should be issued a new card or check out via an existing card. Recommended to be used in conjunction with the Multiple Library Cards Flowchart.

Multiple Library Cards Flowchart (updated April 2015)
Policy and procedures for handling patrons who request new library cards and/or own multiple library cards.

Fines and Fees Policy (updated June 2016)
Policy for handling collection fees, lost or damaged fees, and DVD fines and fees.

Staff Login Accounts and Permission Policy (updated April 2017)
Policy for assigning individual logins.

Hold Restrictions (updated May 1, 2017)