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National Voter Registration Day website

State Library of NC National Voter Registration Day promotional video

NVRD Partner sign-on and registration for free organizing kit

American Library Assocation Voter Engagement Resources

American Libraries Magazine, "Countdown to the Vote" article


How to Host a Voter Registration Drive

How to Request Voter Registration Applications

Voter Registration Drive Information Chart

Protocol for Voter Registration Form Collection:

  • Before hosting a registration drive, contact your local board of elections (BOE) to determine how they would like the forms to be handled. In some cases, the BOE will send a representative to your drive to collection the registration forms.

  • For information on your county BOE, visit:

  • All voter registration forms—complete and incomplete—must be sent to the county BOE in which the voter resides. Please also return unused forms if they are no longer needed to the county board of elections office or the State Board of Elections.

  • Submit completed voter registration forms within 5 business days of receipt but no later than the 25th day before an election.

  • If unable to determine the county board of elections, forms may be mailed to or dropped off at the State Board of Elections:

    Mailing address:
    NC State Board of Elections
    P.O. Box 27255
    Raleigh, NC 27611

    Physical address:
    Dobbs Building
    430 N. Salisbury St, 3rd Floor
    Raleigh, NC 27603

NON PARTISAN AGENCIES: resource library.  While this information targets nonprofits, there are resources libraries can use such as how to stay nonpartisan and engage with candidates. Hosted by the League of Women Voters, their site has nationwide candidate information (will be bi-lingual) and information in candidates' own words.   Nonpartisan candidate information that is browsable by county.   Nonpartisan efforts to support pre-registration for ages 16-17.  Available in 13 languages and mobile friendly. 


You Can Vote
North Carolina Voter Guide   

North Carolina State Board of Elections website  

Answers to questions about the voting process in NC   
Resources from NC State Board of Elections: 
Online Voter Registration Information    
Absentee Voting Process Information   
Voter registration deadline in North Carolina is: Oct. 9  Here are some other deadlines: 
Election Deadlines 
NC Resources for Prisoner Voting Rights: 
Voting Rights Guide for People in the Criminal Justice System  

A Misdemeanant & Ex-Felon’s Guide to Voting in North Carolina    
NC Resources for Disability Voting Rights:  
Disability Rights North Carolina   

Vote for Access videos    
Each episode showcases a specific issue that directly impacts voters with disabilities: attitudinal barriers, access to information, access to the polls, access to alternative voting options, and voter suppression. Host, Imani Barbarin, introduces considerations that often aren’t included in conversations about voting rights. Imani is joined by 16 guests from around the country who speak to their experiences as voters, poll workers, and researchers who can help us understand a better way to ensure equality at the polls. 


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