Lead Legal Data Analyst - LexisNexis


The Lead Legal Data Analyst is responsible for product vision and priorities regarding data analysis, model training data, feedback on model performance, and tools needed to support data science, natural language processing, and machine learning efforts. The Lead Legal Data Analyst will work with a team of talented data scientists and engineers who are building cutting edge machine learning solutions on legal data, and he or she will lead a team of subject matter experts and annotators, all of whom have expertise in the legal domain and legal data. The role is responsible for ensuring that our natural language understanding, data science, and machine learning efforts are supported with high quality, bias-free data analysis, training data, and ratings, all delivered according to agile and lean best practices so that the teams can learn and invent quickly. This role will have frequent interaction with both data scientists and legal experts and will need to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between these 2 groups. The ideal candidate will have a passion for working in the legal domain and a proven track record in either a machine learning or legal knowledge management organization as an exceptional team leader who has delivered on complex data analysis projects.

Qualifications: Juris Doctorate or Masters in Library Science or Bachelor’s degree in Computational Linguistics or Linguistics.