Don't Sweat the Flops with Flow Circus

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DON’T SWEAT THE FLOPS! It won't be perfect the first time. Or the second. Accepting this will accelerate skill building and frankly make the process a lot more enjoyable. Fear of failure creates anxiety and prevents many people from even starting on a path toward growth whether it be one of personal or even professional development.

This virtual session will guide teen librarians on how to help break through that fear by making “flopping” fun. Flow Circus will introduce librarians to the flop ball; this simple, yet challenging skill toy has players using the back of their hands to throw and catch - a slight change that requires a shift in mindset and the player to pay attention in a new way. During the process, Flow Circus will provide strategies to help empower players to get out of their own way and ask for help when they need it.


This won’t be your typical sit down and watch (while having 5 other tabs open) webinar. It’s an out-of-your seat, interactive learning experience. We’ll send flop balls to you prior to the session and build in playful and active practice sessions just like our in-person workshops.


Participants get a set of six flop balls as a reminder of lessons learned and to use for programming with teens. It also serves as a “pause button” that they can keep on their desk or in their pocket as a signal to pay attention to the process of the task in front of them.
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