Staff Directory


Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Cal Shepard State Librarian 919-807-7410
Timothy Owens Assistant State Librarian 919-807-7406
Jackie Haske Grants Assistant 919-807-7428
Dennis Jimenez Office Manager 919-807-7405
Christine Molesky Office Assistant 919-807-7403
Sarah Witty Office Assistant 919-807-7404
Cathy Wood Budget Officer 919-807-7472

Government and Heritage Library

Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Michelle Underhill Director, Government and Heritage Library 919-807-7459
Kelly Agan Digital Projects Librarian 919-807-7438
Erin Bradford Genealogy Reference Librarian 919-807-7461
Vicki Brueck Senior Cataloger 919-807-7489
Steve Case Collection Development Librarian and Supervisor 919-807-7466
Jennifer Davison Head of Content Management and Access 919-807-7442
Kelly Eubank Head of Content and Information Delivery 919-807-7441
Rebecca Forbes Cataloging Librarian 919-807-7444
Andrea Green Digital Collections Manager 919-807-7468
Eve Grünberg Documents Cataloger 919-807-7465
Jennifer Hanft Education and Instruction Librarian 919-807-7446
Beth Hayden Reference Services Supervisor 919-807-7467
Wanda Hearne Acquisitions Library Technical Assistant 919-807-7440
Erin Holmes Systems Integration Librarian 919-807-7438
Rebecca Hyman Reference and Outreach Librarian 919-807-7454
Denise Jones State Publications Clearinghouse Liaison 919-807-7445
Marie Jones Genealogy Library Assistant 919-807-7439
Geraldine McMillan Collections Clerk 919-807-7411
Michael Millner Systems Support Librarian 919-807-7455
Carla Morris Circulation/Reference Assistant 919-807-7432
Irene Patrick Library and Information Management Systems Libarian 919-807-7413
Lisa Sisco Digital Projects Librarian
Krista Sorenson Digital Projects Librarian 919-807-7435
Kay Tillotson Genealogical Research Librarian 919-807-7464
Jim Young Cataloging Library Clerk 919-807-7453

Library Development

Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Tanya Prokrym Director, Library Development 919-807-7415
Vacant Consultant for Public Library Management
Lauren Clossey Continuing Education Consultant 919-807-7416
April Durrence NC Cardinal Training Specialist 919-807-7420
Jeffrey Hamilton Adult Services Consultant 919-807-7417
Amanda Johnson Data Analysis and Communications Consultant 919-807-7421
Benjamin Murphy NC Cardinal Program Manager 919-807-7424
Johnnie Pippin NC Cardinal Consultant 919-807-7408
Catherine Prince Federal Programs Consultant 919-807-7423
Jasmine Rockwell Youth Services Consultant 919-807-7425

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Carl Keehn Director, Library For the Blind and Physically Handicapped 919-733-4376
Kent Bass Circulation Assistant 919-733-4376
Joshua Berkov Library Supervisor - Collection Management 919-733-4376
Todd Clayton Cataloging Library Technical Assistant 919-733-4376
Peter Clukey Patron Processing Assistant 919-733-4376
Marlene Debo Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
Margaret Evans Volunteer Services Coordinator 919-733-4376
Clint Exum Outreach Specialist 919-733-4376
Clay Griffith Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
Craig Hayward Systems and Digital Services Librarian 919-733-4376
Deborah Jernigan Lead Machine Technician 919-733-4376
John Jones Circulation Assistant 919-807-7445
Paul Luckham Equipment Clerk 919-733-4376
Gina Powell Outreach & Volunteer Services Librarian 919-733-4376
Catherine Rubin Assistant Regional Librarian 919-733-4376
Michael Shaw Circulation Assistant 919-733-4376
Janie Stanley Materials Production Assistant 919-733-4376
Hal Starling Patron Processing Assistant 919-733-4376
Claire Todd Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
David Vick Materials Supervisor 919-733-4376
Richard Vincent Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
Eleanor Ward Receptionist 919-733-4376
Allen Wight Reader Advisor 919-733-4376