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Youth Winter Reading List

Treasure seekers have been digging in Oak Island's "Money Pit," hoping to find an elusive treasure, for more than 200 years. But no one has hit the jackpot yet. Join us for the latest installment of our History's Mysteries series as speaker Bill Stepien takes you deep beneath the surface of Oak Island.

If you are interested in architecture and history and are planning a day trip this spring or summer, we recommend you check out our newest NC Digital Collection: Architectural Survey Reports.

Ocean, estuaries, rivers, and lakes—our beautiful state is almost 10% water in surface area, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Whether we live in the mountains, piedmont, or coastal region, water is a part of our landscape.

The roots of American music run deep in North Carolina. Musicians from North Carolina have made brilliant, groundbreaking contributions to many of America’s most important musical genres.

Two new collections from the State Library of North Carolina are available in the North Carolina Digital Collections (—Architectural Survey Reports and Daily Bulletin.