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Staff Directory


Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Timothy G. Owens State Librarian 919-814-6784
Vacant Assistant State Librarian 919-814-6786
Jackie Haske Grants Assistant 919-814-6802
Dennis Jimenez Office Manager 919-814-6783
Christine Molesky Office Assistant 919-814-6781
Kaili Sullivan Graphic Designer 919-814-6826
Sarah Witty Office Assistant 919-814-6782
Cathy Wood Budget Officer 919-814-6824

Government and Heritage Library

Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Michelle Underhill Director, Government and Heritage Library 919-814-6817
Kelly Agan Digital Projects Librarian 919-814-6805
Stephen Ashley User Experience Librarian 919-814-6820
Jennifer Blomberg Collection Unit Manager 919-814-6821
Erin Bradford Genealogy Reference Librarian 919-814-6818
Jennifer Davison Head of Content Management and Access 919-814-6810
Jessica Efron Cataloging Librarian 919-814-6825
Kelly Eubank Head of Content and Information Delivery 919-814-6809
Francesca Evans Community Engagement Librarian 919-814-6819
Rebecca Forbes Cataloging Librarian 919-814-6811
Andrea Green Digital Collections Manager 919-814-6823
Jennifer Hanft Education and Instruction Librarian 919-814-6813
Beth Hayden Reference Services Supervisor 919-814-6822
Wanda Hearne Acquisitions Library Technical Assistant 919-814-6808
Erin Holmes Systems Integration Librarian 919-814-6806
Rebecca Hyman Reference and Outreach Librarian 919-814-6815
Denise Jones State Publications Clearinghouse Liaison 919-814-6812
Christopher Luettger Reference Assistant 919-814-6807
Michael Millner Systems Support Librarian 919-814-6816
Carla Morris Circulation/Reference Assistant 919-814-6803
Irene Patrick Library and Information Management Systems Libarian 919-814-6788
Krista Sorenson Digital Projects Librarian 919-814-6804
Jim Young Cataloging Library Clerk 919-814-6814

Library Development

Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Tanya Prokrym Director, Library Development 919-814-6789
Courtney Brown NC Cardinal Systems Librarian 919-814-6799
Lauren Clossey Continuing Education Consultant 919-814-6791
April Durrence NC Cardinal Training Specialist 919-814-6794
Jeffrey Hamilton Adult Services Consultant 919-814-6792
Amanda Johnson Data Analysis and Communications Consultant 919-814-6795
Benjamin Murphy NC Cardinal Program Manager 919-814-6797
Johnnie Pippin NC Cardinal Consultant 919-814-6785
Catherine Prince Federal Programs Consultant 919-814-6796
Lynda Reynolds Consultant for Public Library Management 919-814-6793
Jasmine Rockwell Youth Services Consultant 919-814-6798
Abigail Waldrupe Digital Inclusion Librarian 919.814.6830

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Title Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Carl Keehn Director, Library For the Blind and Physically Handicapped 919-733-4376
Kent Bass Circulation Assistant 919-733-4376
Joshua Berkov Collections Management Librarian 919-733-4376
Sarah Brackett Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
Heather Brown Patron Processing Supervisor 919-733-4376
Todd Clayton Cataloging Library Technical Assistant 919-733-4376
Peter Clukey Patron Processing Assistant 919-733-4376
Marlene Debo Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
Margaret Evans Volunteer Services Coordinator 919-733-4376
Clint Exum Outreach Specialist 919-733-4376
Clay Griffith Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
Craig Hayward Systems and Digital Services Librarian 919-733-4376
Deborah Jernigan Lead Machine Technician 919-733-4376
John Jones Circulation Assistant 919-807-7445
Caryl Klemm Circulation Assistant 919-733-4376
Paul Luckham Equipment Clerk 919-733-4376
Demetrius McCalop-Spotts Receptionist 919-733-4376
Gina Powell Outreach & Volunteer Services Librarian 919-733-4376
Catherine Rubin Assistant Regional Librarian 919-733-4376
Teresa Stallings Circulation Assistant 919-733-4376
Janie Stanley Materials Production Assistant 919-733-4376
Hal Starling Patron Processing Assistant 919-733-4376
David Vick Circulation Supervisor 919-733-4376
Richard Vincent Reader Advisor 919-733-4376
Allen Wight Reader Advisor 919-733-4376