The library is committed to reaching out to anyone who needs or wants our services. Our Outreach Services Department strives to bring out our best so we make more people aware of our services and their eligibility. Along this road, our volunteers help out in more ways than we can count. They help fill in the gaps and provide the best service for you. Overall outreach is how we reach out to all.

Tar Heel Talk

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The official newsletter of the library. Read all the news you can use and learn more about the service.

The current issue of Tar Heel Talk, Fall 2022 - Issue 169, is available in the following formats:

Digital Talking Book - Braille - Digital Large Print (PDF) - Word Document

Public Service Announcements

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ABLS 2022-2023 Winter Reading Challenge

Our library is preparing for our next state-wide reading challenge. We invite our patrons to Spice Up Your Winter and read as many books as they can during our Winter Reading Challenge. The Challenge will begin December 1st and conclude February 28th. Patron registration is open from November 28th to January 15th.

All patrons who read five or more books will win a prize! There are four categories for our reading challenge this year:

  • Braille & Large print books Adults and Youth
  • Digital Talking & Braille Books Adult and Youth

The digital talking and braille book categories include both the Books on Demand service and downloads from BARD.

Our top three readers in each of the four categories will have their choice of a gift card to Walmart or Amazon. To register for our Winter Reading Challenge visit: slnc.info/SRP. Call us at 1-888-388-2460. Or email us at abls-outreach@ncdcr.gov.

January Braille Reading Challenge

To celebrate National Braille Month this coming January, any braille book that you check out or download will be counted five times more than books in other formats. There’s no need to sign up for this specific challenge if you are registered for our Winter Reading Challenge. All you must do is check out braille books from us, and they will be automatically added to your score! Patrons earning the top score for the month of January in each category will win a prize!

Rate and Review your Winter Reading books!

Looking for ways to earn extra points during our Winter Reading Challenge? Try rating and reviewing the books you read. In addition to the point you receive for reading one book, rating that book will earn you an extra point, and writing a review of at least 50 words will earn you 8 points.

To participate in our rate and review program, simply fill out the form at the following link: slnc.info/ABLS_SRBR



If you would like to receive ABLS Public Service Announcements, you can simply request it by emailing ABLS-outreach@ncdcr.gov with "PSA" as the subject.