Lend your support to the library any way you can. You can volunteer at the library, make donations or join The Friends of the Library.


Tab/Accordion Items

The library is always looking for volunteers to help out. Our volunteers help out in more ways than we can count. They help fill in the gaps and provide the best service for you. Find out here more about ways you can help by being a volunteer at the library.

  • Volunteers can volunteer during Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • Volunteers usually come in once a week and serve for two hours.
  • Studio volunteers are required to come in once a week for a two hour recording session.

Recording Studio

Studio volunteers operating in teams of two, a monitor and a narrator, switching roles after each project. We convert traditionally printed text into an accessible format for our patrons. The books and magazines our volunteers record are made available for our patrons to download from BARD as well as NOBLE.


Reviewers listen to our narrators’ recordings, checking for accuracy. Once the material is reviewed, it’s returned to the monitor & narrator for corrections. This way, we’re certain our library is producing quality accessible reading material!


Volunteers help the library operate by preparing our mailing materials such as newsletters, brochures, and applications.


Volunteers can help ABLS’s circulation department by assisting in the preparing of the library’s deliverable materials.


Read one audio book per month (anywhere from 6 hours to over 20 hours long) and provide ratings on whether the content of the book contains violence, strong language and/or sexually explicit content. Volunteers will be the authoritative source on whether the book that they have read for the month needs to be marked with these ratings in our catalog system.

Our goal in rating these unrated books it to keep from sending books to patrons that have expressed one or more reservations about receiving books with such content. Volunteers are required to attend one meeting on site at the beginning and must have reliable access to email and Microsoft Word or other similar word processing software. All audiobooks and players will be assigned and provided to the volunteers by the NCLBPH.

This is an ongoing project. To apply, contact Adrian Sanders, Volunteer Coordinator, by email adrian.sanders@ncdcr.gov or by phone 984-236-1126.

Donate to the Library

You can make a difference by helping the library with a donation today. The library accepts donations, memorials and bequests. The Friends of NCABLS publish a semi-annual newsletter that is mailed to all members. If you are interested in making a contribution, please send a check payable to the "Friends" or "FNCABLS". In the Memo field please write "Library". Send this to:

Friends of the NCABLS
1841 Capital Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27635

Contributions are tax deductible.

Join The Friends of the Library

The library also has a support organization called the Friends of the North Carolina Accessible Books and Library Services (FNCABLS). The Friends work to promote, support, and enhance the library's services through tax deductible membership dues, donations, memorials, and bequests. The Friends sponsor the volunteer recognition events, the Descriptive Video program, and help purchase large print books for the library's collection. They also purchase equipment that enables the library to better serve patrons. For more information check out the Friends website (https://www.friendsnclbph.org) or contact the library.