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SLNC News – General news and updates from the State Library of North Carolina.

Continuing Education – Continuing education opportunities for library staff.

Grants – Announcements about new funding opportunities and grant awards.

K-12 Education  – News and events for K-12 educators from the SLNC Government & Heritage Library. 

North Carolina History – News and updates on programs and resources related to North Carolina history and genealogy. 

Services for Blind & Print Disabled – News and updates on programs and resources offered by the NC Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. 

Library communications, marketing, and data –  Discuss communications, press releases, marketing, and data related to libraries in NC. 

NC Digital Navigators  – Discuss topics related to affordable Internet service and ISPs; digital skills curriculum, programming, and assessments; digital navigation best practices; devices, and more.

NC Friends of Library – Discussion list for members of NC Friends of Library groups to discuss and share ideas and resources. 

NC Library Adult Services – News, updates, and discussion for NC library staff that provide services and programs for adults.

NC Library Youth Services – News, updates, and discussion for youth services staff in NC Libraries.

NCDATA – North Carolina data-related news including data releases, US Census updates, and training opportunities.

NC Seed Libraries – Connect with other library staff statewide to share information about managing seed collections for communities.

Social workers and social work interns in NC libraries – Share information, community resource guides, information about helpful projects/programs, and more with other social workers and social work interns at NC libraries.

NC-Book – List for programmers interested in book-related or humanities-based opportunities for adults.

This list is managed by North Carolina Humanities Council.